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Maryland/DC Breastfeeding-Friendly Awards

Since 2010, close to 150 Breastfeeding-Friendly Awards have been granted. The Workplace Award recognizes businesses who have demonstrated support for breastfeeding through a conducive office environment. The Healthcare Professional Awards, which began in 2014, recognizes demonstrated support for breastfeeding in the office, along with education of fellow healthcare professionals, office staff and families. Lastly, the Childcare Provider Award, launched in 2021, acknowledges the critical role daycare providers play in supporting breastfeeding.

         When mothers receive support, they are more likely to continue to breastfeed their child. Employers benefit through increased rates of retention, employee satisfaction and morale. Mothers and babies benefit from decreased health care costs, and a reduction in sick leave to care for an ill child. There are federal and local laws in place, which require businesses to provide supports for breastfeeding mothers. Most recently, the PUMP for Nursing Mothers Act was signed into law December 29, 2022. Despite these requirements, many businesses still do not provide the necessary support for breastfeeding mothers.

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